Glacial Baguette Tennis Choker


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We at Ellie Hunter Jewels care about looking after you and we want
you to feel good just as much as we want you to look good.

Never lose the shine in your soul – and your neckline with our
gorgeous tennis choker.

Wear this on a nice day and be sure to sparkle with the power of 1000
suns. Perfect to wear with your favourite outfit: be it for date
night, a formal event, or just a get-together with friends. Versatile,
stunning – its the definitive accessory which you need in your
wardrobe today.

Material: 14K Gold Plated Stainless Steel
Style: Tennis Choker
Stones: Cubic Zirconia
Nickle-Free /Lead Free
Length: 14 inches
Tarnish free/ Water resistant

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