Ellie Hunter Jewels is a bespoke jewellery company specializing in luxury gold jewellery pieces, at affordable prices. All the items which we source are attractive, yet carefully chosen in terms of price and as a result, are the definition of charm and cost-effectiveness.

Established in 2021, our company was formed by spotting gaps in the jewellery market - there needed to be a choice for customers who were looking for premium-looking products, however lacked the budget for those options. Ellie Hunter Jewels are perfect for people looking for that choice.

We are a London based company and we ship worldwide.

Our vision is to encourage joy and positivity through style and fashion and everything we do is with this vision in mind. Our brand is all about being yourself, walking in your authenticity, and inspiring confidence in not just who you are, but in the people around you. 

Every time anyone wears our jewellery, we want them to feel elegant, lavish, glamourous as well as different from the crowd and this is why we chose pieces that were quirky in design as we believed this was the embodiment of the Ellie Hunter Jewels brand.

All of our jewellery is both tarnish-free and water-resistant. 

Thank you for reading and we wish you happy shopping and happy wearing.

From Founder, Rasheeda Odufuwa