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Roman Lettered Zodiac

Roman Lettered Zodiac Necklace

What’s your star sign? Cancer? Leo? Capricorn? Sagittarius? No matter what your star sign is, our Zodiac necklaces will make you proud to be your most authentic self.• Material: 18K...

Zodiac Bracelet

Step out in your star sign with our selection of Zodiac bracelets. No matter what your sign is, you can be proud to be seen with one of these on.•...
The Ellie Hunter

Ellie Hunter Classic Hoops

Taking the earring game to another level, we dare you to name an occasion where you need to look your best and these hoops wouldn’t be acceptable in? Correct answer:...
Strap Me

Strap Me Bracelet

Taking elegance to another level, this bracelet is for those that long for the finer things in life. This is a high quality piece that deserves to have its place...
The Atlas

The Atlas Necklace

Never before have you worn something that looks so good around your neck. The perfect accessory to wear with any of your favourite outfits.• Material: 18K Gold Plated Stainless Steel•...
Ellie Coil

Ellie Coil Hoops

One of the most exciting pieces in our collection, these earrings are as captivating as ravishing.  A distinctive design with an appeal that can't be denied, every time you wear...
Small Mars

Small Mars Hoops

They may be small, but these hoops will look so good on your ears. These hoops bring absolute truth to the fact that the best things, sometimes come in little...
The Glacial Tennis

The Glacial Tennis Bracelet

We at Ellie Hunter Jewels are all about looking after you and we want you to feel good just as much as we want you to look good. Never lose...
Lilith Hoops

Lilith Hoops

The Lilith Hoops is a statement piece! A Simply gorgeous and unique pair. How do you like your hoops? If irregular with a bit of texture and style was your...
Jagged Monica Irregular Cuff

Jagged Monica Irregular Cuff Bangle

Who doesn’t love a nice-looking bangle? We hope you do because this piece would make the perfect home on your wrist.  Style, poise, fashion - all things that represent the...
The Name Bar

The Name Bar Necklace

Necklaces are a statement. They show off your personality and style. So why would you want anything basic to be around your neck?Our name bar necklace is for those women...
Cubana Stunner

Cubana Stunner Hoops

You’re a stunner. These hoops are stunners. It only makes sense that you add these gorgeous earrings to your collection.Be careful when wearing these out as the beautiful glitter of...